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All That Is There To Know About Brother Printer Toner Reset

Brother Printer Toner Reset

Brother is a renowned name in the world of quality printers around the world. It has served both residential and commercial purposes around the world since the longest time. The best thing about these printers is that they are relatively easier to handle as compared to other printers and that extends to resetting of Brother Printer Toner. Just a few simple steps enable brother printer toner reset. The following are the steps you can take to enable the resetting.

Five Steps To Resetting The Brother Toner Refill.

You can reset the Brother Printer in the following five simple steps:

Step 1: Begin by pressing the power button to turn the printer on for brother printer toner refill. Turn it off and then turn it back one more time.

Step 2: Lift up the cover of the printer and press the two buttons, ‘Secure Print’ and ‘cancel’ at the same time. The buttons, cancel and secure print are usually placed next to one another in between the Go and OK buttons.

Step 3: Press + button to get a list of the colors of toner installed in the Brother printer. You will generally find + button at the top portion of that directional pad located at the right end of the LCD display.

Step 4: Scroll down the list and choose the color that you want for brother printer toner reset.

Step 5: Press the OK button for resetting the color. When you want to reset more shades of color, you will have to repeat the same process.

Dealing With The ‘Replace Toner’ Or ‘Toner Life End’ After Brother Toner Reset.

Sometimes even after replacing the cartridge and doing all the needful, you keep getting ‘replace toner’ or ‘toner low’ message on the printer. People frequently have the complaint that even after taking the toner cartridge out and checking everything is working they fail to remove the message. Relax as there is nothing to panic. This is a common situation for the brother printers as they need to be told that the cartridge has already been replaced for them to stop showing the message. You need to manually reset the counter according to the steps mentioned in the manual and this is really an easy job to do.

Call On Brother Phone Number For Reset Assistance.

Brother has garnered a notable reputation in the market for being the manufacturers of the most trusted and high-quality printers all over the world. The reputation has been amassed not just for the quality of the products but also for the efficiency of the customer service. Even after trying all that you can do, if your brother printer is still not working, do not fret. Just call on the toll free brother phone number+1-833-226-1222 and the team will be at your aid at any time and any day. The experts are adept at handling any toner reset or other problems that you might be facing in dealing with your Brother Printers.

Getting Assistance Through Brother Customer Service Phone Number.

The best part about the tech support team of the brand is that they reach out to the customer at the earliest in case of any glitches. Just give a call at brother customer service phone number at any time of the day and they will be at your service to look into any issues that you are facing. We always maintain the reasonable prices regardless of how complex the issue you must be facing. The quality of service is undoubtedly the best in the world and for the team of experienced professionals no problem is too big to not be solved in minutes.

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